The beer of the Fort.


A local beer for sale to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the surrender of the Fort.


Military Combatant Medal


as a Belgian military decoration created by Royal Decree on 19 December 1967 to recognize military service abroad during the occupation of Belgium from 1940 to 1945. It was mainly awarded to the soldiers who served during the WW2 in the Belgian troops stationed in Great Britain. The Military Combatant of the War 1940-1945 Medal could not be awarded posthumously.
***Remaining 25 exemplars***


Commemorative medal


...given in 1977 to the veterans for the 40 years of occupation of the fortress.
Royal blue ribbon with red piping, colours of the artillery, medallion with the dome highlighted with "TANCREMONT 1937".
***Remains 109 exemplars***


Charcoal drawing of the dome II


Drawing of an Elder offered to the Ancients during the 50th anniversary of the Fort, format A3.
***Remains 12 original exemplars*** 

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