Activities 2022

August 11th

Christophe and the two Philippe's have been working on the mortar block for a fortnight now: Here, the extraction of the breech that has been blocked for 80 years... Soon, we will be able to show you the total mechanical functionality of a mortar. In this heat, outdoor work is impossible!

August 18th

...the most difficult part is waiting for us: making the rotation of the tube work with its crank mechanism.

23 to 24 August

A youth course means discovering military life in a sporty and fun way. The activity is organised by the Infantry Battalion 12th Line-13th Line of SPA.

04 September, 1 pm

Autumn is at our doors, those of the Fort will be open to welcome you warmly.

02 October, 1 pm

With you, we start the last day of free visits before winter.

From 13 to 20 October

Transmission vehicles (-10) from La Défense will set up in the car park of the Fort. No shooting is planned. Access to the Military Domain is FORBIDDEN.

04 december, 10am

It is traditional for artillerymen, as well as deminers, firemen and miners, to celebrate St Barbara's Day, the patron saint of fire and gunpowder.
The Amicale is no exception!

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